Kirito Shimazu

5'9", Long White Hair, Blue Eyes, 210lbs.


Kirito Shimazu is the second eldest son of the Shimazu Clan, a relatively new clan of Imperial Elves that was established just after the War of the Giants. As the second son of an Imperial Clan, Kirito will likely never inherit dominion over the clan, and as such has been expected to learn military skills and tactics in a bid to prove his worth and gain prestige. This led to the development of some grandiose ambitions within Kirito, including his primary drives of both surpassing the legacy of his forefathers and forging a legacy that will weather the test of time.

Kirito was sent to the Taermarch as part of a large-scale bid for military intelligence on the part of the empire. Kirito, as well as many other second sons of the empire were sent to gather all the information they could on the Taermarch. This includes troop movements, demographics, information on powerful individuals, and more.

Kirito took this mission as an opportunity to fulfil his ambitions of creating a greater legacy than that of his forefathers, and so decided to head up a small-scale military expedition into the Bardic Mountains. He has since built up a small economic and military infrastructure, and is working on expanding his hold on the Taermarch.

Kirito Shimazu

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